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Clarizen Helps Communication Company Manage & Freeing Up Time for Innovation

Bezeq International (Bezeqint) had selected Clarizen Project Computer software to present project management softwareservices for its Engineering Technologies Department. Bezeq International is Israel's largest Internet Service Provider. The firm gives communications solutions such as Net, international telephony, Organizational Inland, IT, hosting, information communications and particulars security.

Amir Addad the Director of Engineering Technologies at Bezeq International explains why they determine on Clarizen project management software program.

The technologies unit in Bezeq International consists of 5 departments. The Engineering Technologies department at Bezeqint handles projects such as upgrading the network and building new services to sell to enterprise or residential subscribers.

About six mon ths ago the Engineering Technologies unit skilled a technical setback that was only resolved when the team rolled-back to a earlier version of the service. This incident led Amir to rethink the way the unit was handling its projects and delivering them to their customers. Amir produced the decision that the unit needed to create a project management methodology and uncover the right project management software program to allow avoid lengthy term technical mistakes.

At initial, Amir decided to formulate his personal function methodology for the team. He also tried working with project software program|software program such as Excel or MS Project, but realized that each fell brief of his requirements. Amir explains,

"Our projects had three a variety of time sets: organization, engineering and IT. Basically due to the fact each and every little thing we do is interconnected across departments I realized that I wouldn't be able to do this on an Excel sheet. Also, with MS Project the important difficulty was the gantt view as soon as it was set up, there just wasn't really much else we could definitely do with it. We needed some thing far even more."

When looking for a project management software program Amir had the following criteria: an onlin software program (no client installation) and some thing that would help the resources' existing function methods (no further overhead). Immediately immediately after a brief on the net search, Amir observed Clarizen Project Computer software and began out to explore the cost-free demo.
"I rapidly realized that Clarizen project software program matched our requirements perfectly: it permits sources to interact through e-mail only and it also enables project transparency for project stakeholders with out the will have to have for licenses. These two points caught my concentrate, and I believed: this is specifically what we're hunting for."

Amir had his team examine Clarizen's organization standing as appropriately as do an in depth critique of the item. A lot was at stake and Amir essential to hit the ground operating with a dependable and robust resolution. The team members checked and came back with their suggestions saying that Clarizen Project Solutions is deemed a single of the market location leaders in project management. That confirmed his initial impression of Clarizen and Amir readily convinced the management team to invest in licenses for all the project managers and Senior VPs. In addition to these who have a full license, t wice as a lot of sources are also operating with the approach through e-mail-only licenses.

In many instances when individuals implement Clarizen inside their organization, they are typically replacing a failed project management software program presently in location. In Amir's situation, he required to integrate not only a new project management software program program, but also a new project management function course of action a method new for every single team members and leaders alike.

"We had the challenge of rethinking our operate methodology and transforming our engineers into project managers. This meant taking a thing that wasn't run as a project and turning it into a thing that would be really much far even more systematic."

The new project management software program was nicely-received and in a rather brief period of time. Component of the implementation method included instruction meetings and sessions with departments that were involved with the projects. Also, a lot of carry out was conducted with the engineers-turned project managers who had been not utilized to managing a project and managing folks outside of their department.

The procedure is nonetheless new and the managers and sources are nonetheless mastering how to use all the characteristics and tools, but with Clarizen in location Amir has committed his team to the following objectives for 2011:

1. Delivering projects bug-price-cost-free and with zero concerns.

two. Cutting project time and delivery.

three. Escalating capability per project manager from 1-two simultaneous projects to 4-5 simultaneous projects.

four. Freeing up time for engineers to concentrate on their engineering function.

With Clarizen project software program Amir hopes that an optimized project management schedule will open up much even more time for his engineers to continue to pr oduce.

"With Clarizen project software program we want to get back to exactly exactly where we had been prior to individuals began to handle their projects: we want to have it so that the project management itself is automatic and doesn't take considerably overhead so that our engineers can continue to innovate. Clarizen is the tool to support us get there."

Bezeq International (Bezeqint) is Israel's largest Internet Service Provider. The organization presents communications choices including Globe wide net, international telephony, Organizational Inland, IT, hosting, data communications and facts security.

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